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New Stuff 11/26/98:
catbag.gif I took down all my pitures and put up new ones! I'll put up the old ones again on another page, but that will have to wait a bit. Don't forget to sign my guestbook at the bottom, look at The Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Center, and follow the web rings to see other kitty pages!

Put your mousie over this picture, but don't click! Try it, it's fun! This page is coded by Java (my sister the hammy). She put lots of pitures of me on it, and to save you time in lowding it she made it so that it lowded a not so good piture first, and then wen you put your mousie over it it lowdes the good piture. If you want to see just the piture you can click on it and it will lowd all by itself. My sister Java told me to tell you that if this doesn't work right then you need to get a better browser (Netscape 4.5 works great!).

Paddy Paws Memorial Award

This is the Paddy Paws Memorial Award. My daddie grew up with Paddy Paws. Paddy Paws first adopted him when he was just a six year old boy. She lived all the way through his graduation from college, and then some. Her life brought much joy to my daddie and his family. We will miss her very much.

This award is dedicated to her. I will be giving this award to animal websites that have an emphasis on family, and pets being part of these families. There are no strict rules, but I will be looking for sites that are informative, helpful, cute, or just plain silly. Come back soon to find links and descriptions for these award winning pages. You will be able to find them right here, so save it in your bookmarks or favorites! If you would like to nominate a site please give me an e-mail!
Award Recipients:
The Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Center Created and maintained by Carol and David DiFiori. Contains information about feline chronic renal failure, tests and diagnostics, management, related problems, medications, transplant information, emotions, tributes, and links to other sites. This is the site that helped our family extend and maintain the quality of Paddy Paw's life, deal with her condition, and ultimately deal with her loss.

Hi. My name is Kiwi. I am a Cat. I am a girl. I am a year and FIVE MONFTHS old! I like fishys and hammys and fethers and mousies. My mommy and daddy like to play with me. I like to play with my mommie and daddie. Sometime they don't pay attention to me, so I bite them and then run away! Hee hee! I like to clean my fur and take naps. I love my mommie and daddie. kiwi.gif

This is a long lost picture of me as a kitten. My mommie and daddie first picked me up from the Tompkins Country SPCA in August of 1997. I only weighed ONE Pound. I won't disclose my weight now because you might think I'm a fatty. I'll give you a clue though, it is between eight and ten.

dadmilk.jpg This is my daddie trying to read and drink some milk. Evybody know that when daddie drinks milk, Kiwi drinks milk.
As you can see, it doesn't take much for me to get my own milk! This glass was made just for me, my hed fits purfectly! kiwidrnk.jpg

kiwipig.jpg This is one of my pigs. She dudnt have a name. I have another pig named Kiwi, just like me! Kiwi piggie is one of the original nine Beenie Babees. The Behnee Babee dealer sed that in good condition my Beany Babee wud be worth over $30. I cud get a lot of kitty treats, but I love my babies too much! Not to mention that I have bitten them alot and made them all dirty.

daisy.jpg These are my New York cousins. I have never met them. They live with Grama and Grampa Peck. Daisy is on the right, and Lucy is on the left. Lucy actually lives with the downstairs neighbors cause they didn't have a kitty to love and pet. So now Lucy lives mostly with them and visits Grama and Grampa. Lucy likes to pick fights with Daisy. Daisy is very quiet and is cute. She is very small. I wud like to meet them someday. lucycouc.jpg

This is Cocoa. He lives with Woofie and Emily and Grampa Krenis in Welsly. He is a fatty. Cocoa has to take medicine twice a day and eats pumpkin! Yuck! fatty.jpg


I wanted be a spice girl for halloween, but then when halloween came I got all scared of the Monsters again. Daddy just sed they were little kids in costume, but they were still perty scarry. Mommie and Daddie made really neato Jack-O-Lanterns. Daddy carved them with his jig-saw. I didn't have my picture taken this year, but you can see all my nice pictyres from Halloween 1997 on my halloween page!

*  *  *

I still have to put up pitures of my cousins Daisy, Lucy, Cocoa, Woofie, and Emily. I visited Cocoa, Woofie, and Emily when I went over to Grampas house. They were kind of mean to me at first, and I was afraid of them. But, things settled down after a while, and maybe we'll be friends next time. Especially Cocoa, because he's nice (he's also fat! Daddie calls him fattie!).

In Loving Memory
Cat Vigil
Turbo's Scratch of Approval
Kiwi's First AWARD!!!
S.P.C.A. Tompkins County, NY

Don't Litter, Spay and Neuter
My mommie and daddie believe that there are too many aminals, and they support spaying (that was my special operation) or neutering. They also told me about an operation to remove my claws, and they told me that I wouldn't have to worry about them doing that to me because it is in-you-mane.

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