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This past halloween was my first halloween. I like it a lot because I got lots of treats and everybody who came to our house said I was cute. I was scared at first of all the people who looked like monsters, but then I found out that they were only dressed up like monsters and weren't really monsters.

dadtry.jpg I wanted to be a Power Ranger, but my Mommie and Daddie wanted me to be a witch because they already made my witch hat from construction paper. I tried not to let them dress me up. momtry.jpg
momtry2.jpg momtry3.jpg
dadwich1.jpg They finally got the hat on me, and I guess I looked okay. Okay, I liked it, and all the treats I got really made it worth it. I went around the whole night pretending I was a witch.

Don't I look cute? I think next year I want to be a witch again!
momwitc2.jpg dadwich2.jpg

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