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NEWKIWI.jpg Kiwi's Litter Box on the Web
Hi.  My name is Kiwi.  I am a Cat.  I am a girl.  I am a almost two years old!  I like fishys and hammys and fethers and mousies.  My mommy and daddy like to play with me.  I like to play with my mommie and daddie.  Sometime they don't pay attention to me, so I bite them and then run away!  Hee hee!  I like to clean my fur and take naps.  I love my mommie and daddie.
This is a picture of Java, she recently passed away.  She used to help daddy make my web page.  She liked to run on her wheel, she ate square meals, and she peed a lot.  Her cage smelled, and mommie had to clean the corners a lot.  I liked it when she ran around in her ball, I would try to get her!  I'll miss her. 

Mommie and Daddie brought me home a new friend to play with.  Her name is Flour and she is an albino teddy bear hammy.  She is really small, and doesn't smell bad, yet.

Paddy Paws Memorial Award
This is the Paddy Paws Memorial Award.  My daddie grew up with Paddy Paws. Paddy Paws first adopted him when he was just a six year old boy.  She lived all the way through his graduation from college, and then some.  Her life brought much joy to my daddie and his family.  We will miss her very much. 

This award is dedicated to her.  I will be giving this award to animal websites that have an emphasis on family, and pets being part of these families.  There are no strict rules, but I will be looking for sites that are informative, helpful, cute, or just plain silly.  Come back soon to find links and descriptions for these award winning pages.  You will be able to find them right here, so save it in your bookmarks or favorites!  If you would like to nominate a site please give me an e-mail!

Award Recipients: 
The Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Center  Created and maintained by Carol and David DiFiori.  Contains information about feline chronic renal failure, tests and diagnostics, management, related problems, medications, transplant information, emotions, tributes, and links to other sites.  This is the site that helped our family extend and maintain the quality of Paddy Paw's life, deal with her condition, and ultimately deal with her loss.
Ack!  What are you doing?!?  I'm not ready yet.  Oh, what the hay, I'm always beautiful!  I like to make sure my fur is very clean, and with the amount of fur I have it is quite difficult!  My fur is so long that sometimes I get it stuck in my mouth, and daddie has to pull it out!  I also get knots in my fur, and mommie and daddie try to brush them out.  I don't like to be brushed, so I bite them and I bite the brush and I growl a lot.  They have to catch me when I'm very sleepy, and then they cut the knots out with scissors, but if they take too long I bite the scissors!  Mommie and Daddie have to take me to the V-E-T to get my nails trimmed because I have a fit and scatch and howl a lot!
Okay, I'm done cleaning.  Now it is time for some stretching.  Oh, you don't think I'm stretching?  Well, I am kind of lazy.  I have to rest a little bit after all that cleaning!  Maybe after this rest I'll go chase one of my toys, or I'll go look for some bugs!  I like to catch moths, and then I eat them!
This is a picture of me and one of my piggies before we moved to Massachusetts.  I have two piggies, they are both pink.  One is a behnie babie, and the other is generic.  I love them both the same though.  My beany bahbe is one of the original nine baybees, and is worth a lot!  I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world though!  I like to drag my piggies around and chew on them.
This is my Mommie.  She likes to pick me up and squeeze me and pet me.  I love her a lot, she is always telling daddie to give me treats.  She gives me lettuce, and Whisker Lickin's, and catnip!  She doesn't squeeze me as tight as daddie does.
Here is another picture of me and my mommie.  Isn't she beautiful?  She graduated from kollidge last year, and now she works for Market One Associates.  Daddie works for  Both mommie and daddie's companies are in the Clock Tower buildings.  They are only five minutes away from where we live.
This is my Daddie.  My daddie runs around and chases me, and then I chase him.  I like to hide under a chair or the table and jump out and bite his ankle when he walks by.  My daddie is always picking me up and petting me, even when I don't want him to.  I growl a lot and hiss at him sometimes, but then he pets me nice or gives me a treat and I stop.
This is me drinking some of daddies milk.  Sometimes when he doesn't give me a treat I just take his.  I'm spoiled, but then again, why shouldn't I be?